Balance NC

Everything we do is guided
by our Core Values

Who we are

Balance NC empowers each individual to be the best version of themselves. We make personalized treatment as we embrace your needs as unique.

Our mission

"Improve lives"

At Balance NC, we provide professional, qualified, and culturally appropriate counseling and behavioral services designed for a diverse population of children, adults, and families.

We make this possible by supporting our community and creating meaningful relationships with those around us.

Our vision

Balance NC will become an innovator while providing exceptional services to the people served.


Everything we do is guided by our Core Values.


Love myself,
Love others &
Love what I do.


Trust myself,
Trust others &
Trust what I do.


Respect myself,
Respect others &
Respect what I do.


Balance work & life and your relationships with yourself & others.


Commit to myself, Commit to others, & Commit to what I do.