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What is ABA?

At Balance, we understand that each child is one of a kind. We provide ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy which allows us to work from your home and lets us improve different skills and behaviors by learning at a pace that fits your needs. 

ABA therapy is based on the science of behavior which focuses on reducing challenging behaviors and increasing skills. ABA has proven to be successful with consistent treatment and will help you & your child learn the best way to embrace life. 

Who provides the services?

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Our team of well-trained & skilled behavior analysts and technicians are highly committed to making a positive impact in your life. Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA®) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT®are fully credentialed by the BACB (Behavior Analysis Certification Board).

ABA Behavior Intervention

Behavior Intervention

Our specialized team follows a path of assessments to create an Individual Service Plan to identify the needs of your child. Under the supervision of the BCBA, the RBT will provide ABA services implementing interventions on a consistent pre-arranged schedule.

Treatment Settings


We offer services mostly in-home, however, we know some behaviors are triggered in a specific environment, so it may be necessary to have services elsewhere in the community. Home and community-based ABA programs allow your child to learn and grow in their preferred environment.

Parent Training

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No one knows your child better than you, which is why the incorporation of parents and caregivers into this process is an important part to help your child progress. We will provide you with the tools and strategies your child needs to effectively manage and maintain behavior change in all settings. You will be able to embrace different situations and challenges to be involved in your child’s progress.

Our process

We provide families and children with individualized behavioral therapy designed to support their unique needs.


We talk with parents to gather medical & family information to better understand the child’s needs.


We observe the child’s behavior and assess their language, social & daily living skills, and current challenges.


Children are often seen for several hours a day, several days a week. The length and frequency of sessions will vary depending on the child's/client’s unique needs.


Discharge is considered when mastery of all skill areas have been achieved at a level that is age appropriate and no problem behaviors affect functioning.